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All of Just Vapin's products are legal, commercially available, and FDA-approved vape products that provide a
tobacco-free alternative to smoking. We supply our products from companies with the highest standards
and purchase all juice directly from manufacturers to be certain that we are providing you with only the best
quality e-liquids. Our e-liquids are safe for consumption and contain no added ingredients. All of our products are THC free and contain no Vitamin E Acetate

Studies have shown vaping is 95% less harmful for you than smoking.

Vaporizer Store Jacksonville, NC

Whether you’re a social vaper looking for some new flavors to try, a long time smoker trying to control their habit, or someone new to the e-cigarette industry, Just Vapin' can hook you up. Our vaporizer store in Jacksonville, NC, has an excellent collection of vape juice, pens, batteries, and other parts you need to ensure you can kick back and relax.

Products We Carry:

  • Vape juice
  • E-cigarettes
  • E-Cig batteries
  • Subohm tanks
  • Atomizers
  • MTL devices

Why Vape?

Since the explosion of vaping popularity, there have been some common misconceptions regarding vaping, mostly that it is either for those who are trying to stop smoking or those who are trying to limit their nicotine intake. While it’s true that vaping is very useful for folks in this situation, it’s also good to realize that using e-cigarettes has many beneficial properties for smokers and non-smokers alike.

Above all, vaping is relaxing. From breathing during meditation or yoga, the ritual of vaping has calming effects on both body and mind. Additionally, vaping is a very social activity, allowing smokers the opportunity to meet new people and go places that traditional tobacco smoking would not. Just having the freedom to step outside/aside in a moment of stress and vape can be a lifesaver.

Vaping has many benefits for traditional
smokers as well, such as:

Affordability: After your initial investment, vaping is much more cost-effective. While the up-front costs for your pen, mods, etc. will be more than a single pack of smokes, they also last a lot longer. Once you have your rig, all you need is your choice of juice and some batteries, which will outlast conventional cigarettes and allow you to save significantly.

Fun with Flavors: With vaping, you have tons of flavor options. Just Vapin’ has tons of vape juice flavors, from classics to designer styles, just waiting for you to try them.

Take Control of Your Nicotine Intake: This is a big one for existing smokers. When you smoke traditional cigarettes, you have zero influence over the amount of nicotine you inhale. With every puff, you get the same amount. Sometimes the amount or strength of the tobacco can even vary from brand to brand. With vaping, you have the power in your hands to directly control the strength of your e-liquid, ranging from 0 mg to 50 mg of nicotine. And if you prefer to vape without nicotine, there are many options available!

No More Nasty Smell: Besides the “need to cut back” reason for switching to e-cigarettes, another common reason for choosing to vape over traditional tobacco cigarettes is the odor. Cigarette smoke is harsh, gritty, and lingers. It will stick around in your home or car, on your hands, and your clothes. When you vape, you can instead have the pleasant aroma of your favorite flavored juice or the option of a liquid with no smell at all!

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